Fourth of July Dog Safety Tips

July 01, 2016 0 Comments

Fourth of July Dog Safety Tips

What is there not to love about Fourth of July celebrations?! We get a longer weekend, get to spend time with our friends and family, cook some amazing food and simply relax and enjoy the fireworks. But, while we, humans, might love these types of loud celebratory occasions, our pets often become scared and anxious, giving them plenty of reasons to get in trouble. As responsible pet owners, we must do everything we can to make our dogs comfortable, happy and safe during such occasions. We have put together out top ten tips to keep your pets safe during the Fourth of July weekend. 


1. Fireworks and loud noises can be extremely terrifying for dogs. Leave your pet at home when going to watch a fireworks show or put them in a quite room if they hear it from inside the house. Signs like panting or shaking will tell you they are extremely scared and anxious. 

2. Keep dogs aways from fireworks, glow-sticks and charcoal, which are all extremely poisonous. It is easy to forget where your pet is if you are running around cooking and entertaining, so putting it high up where your dog can't reach it is the best bet. 

Food and Alcohol:

3. Alcohol is extremely dangerous for pets so keep all alcohol beverages away from them. If you or someone else spilled a beer or a glass of wine, clean it up to prevent your dog from licking it. 

4. Gently remind your friends and family to not feed your dog table scraps, no matter how cute they think the dog is. Keeping dog treats out will ensure that your friends and family will give your dog snacks that are safe for them. 

5. Leave plenty of fresh water for your pet to drink and make sure their bowl stays filled. 

Leashes, Tags and MicroChips:

6. Keep your pet on a leash if you are traveling with them to the beach or the park. Both of those locations can get crowded, freaking out your dog and enabling them to run and hide. 

7. Make sure your dog is wearing a tag with his name and your phone number in case of an emergency.

8. It is always a good idea to get your pet microchipped. While you might not have time to do it before this Fourth of July, you can do it as a safety precaution for the future. 


8. Toys, toys and toys! Leave plenty of fun, dog friendly toys for your pet to play with while you are cooking and entertaining guests so that they can keep themselves occupied and stay out of trouble. 

9. Take your dog out for a walk early in the day to avoid crowds and loud noises. That will also keep their energy level low, which will help keep them out of trouble. 

10. Our last tip is to have fun and be safe! Protect your dogs and have an amazing weekend everyone!

Happy Fourth of July!!