Senior Dog Care 101

July 14, 2016 0 Comments

Senior Dog Care 101

Here at Ecohug Dog, we take dog health seriously, especially when it comes to senior dogs. Charlie, our little maltese is a senior dog with an array of "small" health issues that need to be monitored each and every day. I say small because they are at their beginning stages and are not full blown problems. Dogs can be considered senior at around age 7, however, depending on their size, genetics, nutrition and environment, that number can be slightly up or down. Dogs that are bigger often have shorter life spans and might reach that senior age faster then a smaller dog. However, diet and genetics also play a huge role and are often quite as important at the size of the dog. We created a fun video for you guys to watch where we provide tips and tricks to keep your senior dog happy and healthy :) We hope you enjoy! 

Products featured in this video:

Dental Health

Joint Health

Skin and Coat