We are Ecohug!

We are Ecohug, a small family business that sources all natural, organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free products for your furry kid. 

Ecohug was founded by Jenya Rubanova and her three little pup helpers - Charlie, Lisa and Maddie - who are the researchers and testers behind many of the products Ecohug carries. Ecohug was built out of the frustration that Jenya experienced when shopping for healthy products for her dogs. She found it hard and time consuming, having to sort through many products that contained harmful chemicals and additives, hidden deep in the ingredient list. She knew that it was time to create a one-stop-shop, that brought eco-friendly, natural, organic and cruelty-free products under one roof. We carefully select and test our products to ensure that they are the right fit for your healthy and happy family. Ecohug serves a community of health conscious pet parents by delivering safe and natural pet product alternatives. 

The Testers: Maddie, Charlie and Lisa (from left to right)

Maddie, the youngest and the spunkiest of the bunch is a cattle dog and a rat terrier mix. We adopted her from a local organization in our area, where she was fostered by a loving family until we met and took her home. She is full of energy and love, giving each of us loving kisses every morning and throughout the day. She loves food and will pretty much eat anything, besides bananas, which she absolutely hates. 

Charlie, the oldest and the smallest, is the "baby" of the family and is 8 years old. He is very picky with his food and treats, sorting and picking through the pieces to find the best ones. Charlie hates loud noise and music and avoids his sisters whenever they are play fighting nearby. He is kind and gentle, and enjoys peaceful cuddling all day on the couch.  

Lisa, the little princess, has a personality that is hard to describe. She is a Lhapsa Apsa mix, black with a bit of white mixed in. She is independent and very opinionated. She loves to play with Maddie but also likes her alone time, and towards the end of the day will hide away. She is also incredibly great at dog yoga classes, which she has been taking continuously for the last year. 

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Our goal is to make dogs and human healthy and happy, one family at a time.  Our intentions are pure and our products are natural. Enjoy!