Vet's Best Flea Itch Relief Spray

  • Citrus Oil, Neem Oil, Oatmeal 
  • Soothes Dog Skin Irritations Caused by Fleas
  • Fast Itch Relief for Dogs and Puppies Over 12 Weeks of Age
  • Recyclable, Environmentally Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 8 oz

Vet's Best Flea Itch Relief Dog Spray offers a soothing mix of oatmeal, essential citrus oils and neem oil, carefully formulated to provide fast relief for itchy and irritated skin due to flea bites. Flea and Itch Relief will not affect the efficiency of your dog's topical flea control products. For dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older.

Spray directly over entire body, starting with head and moving toward tail. Massage deeply through entire coat. Avoid eyes. 

Micronized Oatmeal, Essential Orange and Lemon Peel Oil (d'Limonene), Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Calendula, Yucca, Chrysanthemum and Lavender.