Multi-functional Dog Brush
No Undercoat, Small Dogs

  • Soft Silicone
  • Perfect for Small Breed Dogs with Little or No Undercoat
  • Cleans, Grooms and Massages
  • Gentle and Effective at Removing Loose Hair and Dandruff
  • Recommended by Professionals and Veterinarians
  • Made in USA

The (blue) Pet and Me dog brush is made out of soft silicone, perfect for the use on small breed dogs with little or no undercoat. The silicone grooming dog brush material is free of harmful chemicals and is flexible enough to give your pet a gentle cleaning and a complementary massage while removing loose hair and even dandruff. Gentle enough to use around delicate areas such as eyes or nose. Use it during bath time to remove dead hair and help distribute shampoo over your dog. 

 Approximately 5 to 5.5 inches long.

Rinse the brush under running hot or cold water. For a thorough cleaning (embedded dust and sebum) place in the dishwasher or washing machine. The brush will be like new and carries a 5 year material guarantee.